Key ingredients in E-Liquid

  • PG/VG (Propylene glycol) (vegetable glycerin)
  • Flavoring extract
  • Nicotiine (Nicotine is an addictive ingredient)

What is Nicotine?

 Nicotine is a naturally produced alkaloid in the nightshade family of plants. Like other toxic subtances an excessive dosage can cause harm to anyone. Products that you vape will come in different nicotine levels. Nicotine is addictive. 50mg will be the highest option you see. Remember nicotine starts at 0.3mg. 5% equals 50mg.

  • 50mg = 5% per volume in each pod.

Difference between synthetice and tobacco derived nicotine?

Tobacco derived nicotine comes from the tobacco plant whereas synthetic nicotine is created in lab.

Why does my E-Liquid get darker?

The process of an E-liquid appearing more dark is called Steeping. For more information research the process of steeping.